Community Logo Contest

The Cap. City Cherokee Community is hosting a logo design contest for its members!

Any member in good standing may create and submit an original design that, if selected, will be utilized as an official Community logo.  Though the original product may be digital or traditional media, copies of all entries should be submitted by via e-mail.

Please keep the following rules and guidelines in mind!

  1. Multiple submissions per Community member are allowed.
  2. All entries will be displayed both on our website and/or at the May Community Meeting.
  3. Artwork that has won an award in another venue may not be utilized for this contest.
  4. The final product should lend itself for use as a logo – that is, make sure that final product will easily translate to our website, t-shirts, business cards, etc. We recommend that the e-mail submission image be at least 600×600 to ensure sufficient detail is visible for judging.
  5. The theme of the entry should invoke a sense of the Cap. City Cherokee Community, its mission, and its goals. Feel free to incorporate various symbols of the Cherokee people and the greater D.C. area, but directly incorporating the Cherokee Nation seal is prohibited.
Still have some questions? As always, feel free to contact us or post below!

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