Anyone desiring membership in the Capital City Cherokee Community must complete an application and pay annual membership dues. Membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 each year, and dues must be paid on an annual basis.

Types of Membership

Citizen Membership. Anyone who wishes to join the Capital City Cherokee Community (CCCC) and is a registered citizen/member of the Cherokee Nation.

Associate Membership. Anyone who wishes to join the CCCC and is a registered member of the other two federally-recognized Cherokee tribes (i.e., the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians).

Honorary Membership. Limited to include the Principal Chief, the Deputy Chief, and At-Large members of the Tribal Council of the Cherokee Nation; and other select community leaders and representatives chosen at the Leadership Council’s discretion.

Household Membership. Any single-household family with at least one member enrolled in the Cherokee Nation that wishes to join the CCCC. A ‘household’ is defined as all Cherokee persons living in a home, including: spouses, life/domestic partners, and children aged 25 years and younger living at the same residence. Residence sharing requirements are waived for household members attending an institution of higher education or engaging in active military service. The primary applicant for household memberships must be an enrolled Cherokee Nation citizen. 

Friends of the CCCC.  Non-enrolled individuals of Cherokee descents and non-Cherokee individuals (including same-household spouses and life/domestic partners of Citizen or Associate Members) who are interested in learning more about Cherokee culture, language, heritage, history, and tradition are welcome as Friends of the CCCC.  Donations from non-member friends in an amount equal to that of Individual or Household member dues will receive invitations to CCCC events and the Newsletter.

Annual Dues

Membership dues are owed on January 1 and must be paid by March 31st annually.  After March 31, payment will be considered delinquent and membership will be cancelled.

Elder members 65 years of age or older may request that their annual dues be waived.  In cases of financial hardship, a dues waiver request may be made to the Leadership Council.

For new members, dues must be paid at the time of membership application.

Refer to the CCCC’s Membership Application for additional information.

2020 Annual Membership Dues:

Individual, $35;
Individual Senior (65 or over), $30

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